Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hi all,

Very sorry for no posts lately, but June is a very busy month in the Maher household. We have our wedding anniversary, DH sent to work (isn't he learning) a beautiful box of flowers, and we went out to a lovely restaurant for dinner that nigh (very spoilt), and it's DH Birthday. Every year Travis knows what I am buying him, he snoops around and finds all of my hiding spots, but this year was a pearler. He had no clue, I bought the usual work socks and shorts (of course he found them) but the real surprise was yet to come. So I made him a Birthday card and in it printed a little ticket to say, YOU ARE GOING TO SEE AC/DC LIVE IN CONCERT... when he was reading it, it wasn't registering until he said does this mean I am going to see AC/DC, and I said "yep, you have 2 tickets so I hope you take me" the rest is history, he had a fantastic day, we had a party here at home for him on the Sunday and all the family came over, but next year is the big one, the big 30 for both of us. Yikes....


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