Monday, November 30, 2009

Well Hello there....

Hi there lovelies.

Who thought I had fallen off the face of the earth? I have been such as slack blogger of late and looking at my blog the last post was the 6th of November (my beautiful mothers birthday). Allot has happened since the 6th including the Cairns Regional Seminar and my birthday. I do have a valid excuse, my hubby has been working away lately so we have been trying to spend his time off catching up and visiting, also it's that time of year again where the Christmas Parties are starting up and also I am still at boot camp. But this weekend I promise to catch you up on everything, including Regionals, Me and of course my latest creations. Ohhhh, can't forget in my time off I did manage to go and see New Moon, loved it but still like the first story over the second.

Anyway, hubby has just given me the call to "pay attention to me" so I'll be back on the weekend promise.

Take care
Luv Kylie.

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